2nd Annual Global Anti-Corruption & Compliance Summit

April 6, 2017 – April 7, 2017 all-day
1175 RM Lijnden
Corporate Parity Prague
+420 228 881 189
2nd Annual Global Anti-Corruption & Compliance Summit @ PARK PLAZA AMSTERDAM AIRPORT | Lijnden | North Holland | Netherlands

2017 looks set to be another bumper year for enforcement and international cooperation on Anti-Corruption matters. Companies and compliance professionals in particular, face ongoing and entrenched challenges when conducting business in high risk markets and jurisdictions. Corporate Parity’s 2nd Annual Global Anti-Corruption and Compliance Summit seeks to remedy that by offering hands on and practical solutions to these issues. It is a unique forum for General Counsel, Chief Compliance Officers and other compliance professionals to hear from their peers, to learn best practices and to openly and freely discuss real life issues and solutions in an informal and relaxed setting. It promises to deliver timely and important insights for all those involved in compliance, irrespective of industry or jurisdiction.

On day one, I will engage in a conversation with Wendy Addison, Founder, SpeakOut SpeakUp, and Partrick Rappo, Partner, Steptoe & Johnson, in a session titled “Bribing and Whistle-blowing straight from the Horse’s Moutb.” In our exchange, we will cover:

  • Real life examples of bribe paying and whistleblowing
  • Protecting and incentivizing the right behaviours and whistleblowing
  • Benchmarking whistleblowing policies and processes to detect hidden payments

I hope you will join us, and the website for the event, including brochure and resgistration can be found here.