To Corporations

I engage with multinationals as a speaker, workshop leader/participant, or through Question and Answer sessions, on several topics relating to my experience and front line perspective with respect to issues of foreign corruption, compliance and real-world risk. A copy of my corporate abstract can be found here, and an example of my presentation style and content can be found here.

I work closely with corporate leadership to ensure that my presentations are calibrated to the organization, tailored to attendees, and customized to the specific event. Thus, all my presentations are geared towards specific leadership goals, and to the needs of attendees. As I often share, I want to make sure that all the subject matter which I address intersects with the “what keeps you up at night” moments with respect to the work-force. In my model of presenting, attendee needs drive the content, and by engaging in pre-conference background interviews with corporate leadership, I do my best to research the nature of the corporation’s business, along with specific market and regional challenges. The goal is to customize the presentation as to address issues that are relevant, current, and salient to the corporation’s challenges with respect to compliance, risk and corruption.

My corporate presentations are applicable to the following groups:

  1. Those on the front lines of international business, including:
    1. Sales and marketing teams.
    2. Regional and country commercial managers.
    3. Business development teams.
  2. Finance, internal audit, investigatory and forensic groups.
  3. Compliance leadership groups, including support functions from HR, opertions, logistics, supply chain, etc.
  4. Board of Directors, including risk, audit, finance and governance committee members.
  5. C-Suite leaders.

Suggested topics:

  • My Perfect Storm. How I rationalized bribery during my ten-year international VP career, overseas 250 days a year and twice residing out of the UK. I was well educated and compensated, so why take the risk? What was “I thinking,” and I utilize contemporary behavioral research to academically underpin my own ‘storm’ of rationalizing bribery.
  • Third Parties and Red-flags. What is the third-party reflection on anti-bribery laws, and how do intermediaries circumvent even the best-intentioned on-boarding process? What are the perils of “vet and forget?”
  • Deterrence. Getting caught. What it is like to be called in by the Justice Department, and a near carbon copy prosecution in the UK, which led to five years of law enforcement cooperation. Finally, I address the impact of incarceration upon my health and family, as to share the personal side of this crucible.
  • Leadership and Teamwork. What business leadership can do to elevate and articulate ethical practices and messages, and how regional managers need to embrace their roles as compliance ‘ambassadors’ to market facing business teams.
  • Integration. How business leadership can better support those on the front lines of international business by thoroughly integrating compliance practices into business strategy and planning.
  • Awareness. Sensitizing leadership to the ‘what actually happens’ in the field, and how corrupt conduct is often packaged and disguised. How ethical radar too often ‘switches off’ in forward based locales, where the win-win of business can overwhelm conduct.
  • Avoidance. What could have been done differently by management in my own crucible to have changed the trajectory, and what lessons and actionable items might that bring to attendees.

Any of these presentations can be combined or weighted to bring the most value to your organization.

Link here for a copy of my  Corporation Abstract

A complete portfolio of speaking and writing engagements, including  corporate references, is available by e-mailing me here.

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