Dec 05, 2016

VIDEO: The Bribery Act, The SFO & DPA’s: Talk of Change?

In this video interview, Barry Vitou (, Partner, Pinsent Masons, and head of their Global Corporate Crime Team, addresses:

  • His initial interest in global anti-corruption issues.
  • The role and mandate of the SFO and NCA.
  • Differences, as well as similarities,  in the structure and enforcement of the FCPA and The Bribery Act.
  • The current regime of DPA’s and incentives.
    • What are the hallmarks of the current program?
    • What’s the discount value of self-disclosure?
    • What are the benefits and liabilities of self-disclosure: Does it make sense?
    • Should the cost of an internal investigation be factored into the decision to self-disclose?
    • Is the current discount program sufficient enough to promote self-disclosure?
  • Is the SFO revisiting the issue of DPA’s and incentives?
  • What about Section 7, the “Failure to Prevent,” how does the SFO analyze a compliance program?
  • Finally, Barry addresses his blog, How did he end up with that URL before the regulators?

Barry can be reached at [email protected]

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