Why Transformation Efforts Fail: Lesson 1.

John Kotter, Konosuke Matsushita Professor of Leadership, Emeritus, Harvard Business School, in “Leading Change, Why Transformation Efforts Fail,” (Harvard Business Review, January 2007) discusses why companies seeking to change the way they operate in a new “more challenging market environment” often encounter internal institutional resistance from “those in the trenches of the business,” and why(…)

In Walks a Public Official: A Compliance Challenge

For the compliance practitioners and professionals, I have put together different elements from my experience in overseas sales into a single scenario, for your review, thoughts and comments, which I invite and welcome. The following event did not occur as a single integrated scenario. But there are common threads from different places and different times, to(…)

Dinner in Ankara

Imagine a sales representative sitting in Ankara, or any other foreign capital, at a late night dinner with his agent (third party), the night before a significant tender. In walks a foreign official to join the two. The sales representative clearly witnesses a corrupt scenario, as the foreign official is passing non-public information to the(…)


Welcome. My goal in the launch of this Blog is to engage and stimulate discussion with respect to the existing field of anti-bribery compliance efforts. How? By endeavoring to present compliance professionals with a real world sales and marketing perspective on foreign bribery based on my own personal experience, from a career in international sales(…)