• Compliance Challenges

    Compliance Challenges

    I ask if corporations are willing to take a step back in business strategy, including sales forecasts and incentive packages, in order to take a step forward in achieving meaningful anti-bribery compliance? Those are but a few of the issues which organizations need to consider if they look to design and implement a  compliance  program and ethic as something more than “window dressing” to contradictory messages to those on the front line of international business.

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  • My Journey

    My Journey

    I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to share my experience and perspectives concerning anti-bribery compliance challenges from the front line of international business. My journey to where I can now  engage with others on such topics, was filled with many ups and downs.

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  • Speaking


    I enjoy the opportunity to engage with academia (law or business), conferences, trade groups, and corporations on front-line anti-bribery compliance challenges. I have a complete speaking portfolio, including references,  which are available upon request.

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  • Guest Blogs

    Guest Blogs

    I am pleased to be a regular contributor to a number of International Risk and Compliance periodicals as well other sites which address issues of anti-bribery compliance and business ethics.

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